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Linken Sphere Review: Pioneer of the Anti-Detect Browser Industry That Sets Trends

Linken Sphere, an iconic player in the anti-detect browser sector, has come back more powerful than before, boasting more innovative and advanced features. Many affiliates are already familiar with this tool. As the standard-setter in the market, the Linken Sphere anti-detect browser has been the benchmark for others, even though its team refrained from updating […]
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AQUM Anti-Detect Browser Review: Game-Changer in Multi-Accounting 

Even unskilled affiliates know social media and Google impose multiple limitations, especially regarding promoting verticals, such as Gambling, Betting and Adult. That’s why affiliates constantly seek innovative tools to outsmart ever-evolving advertising platforms. One such groundbreaking innovation is AQUM – an anti-detect browser, a specialized tool that helps in spoofing digital footprints on the internet.  […]
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4 Best Anti-Detect Browsers: Solutions to Safeguard Your Ad Campaigns

Wherever you surf on the Internet, you leave your digital fingerprints. While it’s secure for ordinary users (unless they land on fraud websites, of course), leaving information can pose a threat to affiliates. And it’s not about website cookies; the main roadblock for affiliates is Facebook, a popular social media and major corporation. Across the […]
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